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My Quick Ab and Core Workout

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You don’t need a long abdominal workout to get great results. You don’t even need a lot of exercises done for countless reps either. All you need is one, maybe two, exercise that you do for a few super hard sets.

Take my latest core workout for example. It only uses one primary exercise (leg raises) for a few hard sets followed by a couple of finisher sets of lying leg raises and suspended planks.

plank and leg raise

My workout is simple. I do 3 sets of relatively slow and intense hanging leg raises. In this workout, I got 12, 12, 10.5. I space out each set by 60 seconds of rest.

After those 3 hard sets, I do about 20 lying leg raises followed by holding myself into a suspended plank for a 20 count. I do this finishing routine for roughly 2 sets. (btw you can check out how to make your own suspension straps here)

DIY suspension trainer

It’s a simple and efficient workout that really works. You can also see the whole workout in action in this video.