unilateral vs bilateral push-up

What You Need to Know About Unilateral Calisthenics

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Unilateral calisthenics training is when you use one side of your body is working differently or harder than the other side. The most common examples are archer push-ups, one arm pull-ups, lunges and single leg squats.


unilateral vs bilateral push-up

Unilateral calisthenics is essential for building more muscle and strength.


Sadly, unilateral calisthenics is still not very common which is a shame because they do wonders for helping you build muscle and strength. They are also great for building the three functional qualities that are most important which are strength, mobility, and stability.

One of the reasons unilateral calisthenics isn’t very common is the vast amount of misinformation out there about them. Sometimes, there’s not much information at all about what they are about and how to use them. That’s why this week’s podcast covers a lot of the essential tips and information you need to make the most out of this seldom used, yet powerful form of training.

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