Never Have a Boring Workout Ever Again

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Workout boredom is a serious issue. It can compromise your consistency, focus and all around intensity thus jeopardizing your results.

In this week’s Podcast I share how I keep the flame of interest alive even with so-called “boring” workout routines that focus on the basics.

Q&A Time stamp questions:

What is your diet like: 16:16

What time of day is best for training? 18:33

Is consuming protein according to bodyweight necessary? 19:58

What is the best core exercise for beginners? 22:16

Pull-ups for overweight athletes: 25:46

Should you do corrective exercises daily? 30:08

My thoughts on Hindu Push-ups 31:18

How to improve handstand alignment 32:37

Resistance bands or weights which is better? 36:14

Straight sets vs circuit training for martial arts training: 37:40

How to fix hip shifting while squatting: 39:10

Thoughts on old-school chest expanders: 41:30

Thoughts on the X3 Bar 43:22