Fintess Shortcuts Do Exist & You Can’t Succeed Without Them!

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“There are no shortcuts!”

I hear this a lot from trainers and coaches who are trying to get folks to stop complaining and just embrace the suck.

I’m all for quitting complaining and stepping up, but there are most certainly short cuts in sterngth, weight loss and fitness in general. I challenge you to succeed on any level without them!

Just think about what a shortcut is. It’s a way to go from point A to point B with less time, energy and other resources. It’s about being efficient and intelligent. Even this whole website is about shortcuts because the R.D.P was founded upon the belief that lack of resources is one of the biggest hurdles in reaching your goals. Reaching a goal by spending less resources is so important, I’ve built my entire fitness career around it.

Here’s an example of a shortcut I took recently:

The other day I installed a pull up bar in my apartment. Before now, the closest access I had to pull ups was the neighborhood playground 5 minutes away. Through putting in the pull up bar, I just made a short cut to get in more pull ups. Therefore it’s easier for me to train and thus gain a higher level of success.

Anything you do to make fulfilling the root cause of your goal easier is a short cut and will make it easier to succeed. Throwing out the junk food you can’t resist eating is a short cut. Joining a gym that’s easier to get to is a short cut. Hiring an expert to train and coach you is a short cut. If you didn’t do these things you’re simply taking the long way from where you are now to where you want to go.

Keep an eye out for shortcuts. Getting in shape will  always take hard work, but the easier you make it to do that hard work, the easier you make it to reach your goals and maintain them.