Only the Crazy Stand Any Chance at Getting In Shape

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“Train Insane or remain the same.”

It’s a saying that’s been on the internet for a while, but it’s so very true. Not only should you train insane, but you should eat insane, move insane, study insane and live insane.

Insanity is very much underrated in our fitness culture. It’s only through going crazy that you stand any chance of seeing any progress.

The reason is once again due to the all powerful principals of balance.

Balance is the key to change. When things are in balance things stay the same. It doesn’t matter if the situation is good or bad, balance keeps things going right along. So if you’re fat you stay fat. If you’re strong you stay strong. Balance keeps you where you are.

From a mental and emotional perspective balance is a state of comfort and normalcy. Once again, it’s not about good or bad, but it’s all about staying the course. It’s that whole comfort zone thing.

If you want to see changes and progress you simply must enter a state where the apple cart is upset. You need to throw some wrenches into the machine and essentially get unbalanced. That’s the state where things change.

While an imbalanced state stimulates physical change, the mind and emotions perceive the situation as being crazy, nuts and all together lunacy.

This is very common in the world of fitness. When people ask me what I do to stay in shape, they often have an emotional rebellion to what I tell them. I tell them about my towel pull ups, my handstand push ups, and my afternoons running up and down mountains. Upon hearing this they balk and exclaim “that’s crazy!!!” and treat me like I’ve got a few screws loose.

What they don’t understand is that these are the very situations that will probably bring the results they seek. Normal sure as hell ain’t gonna do it. It doesn’t matter if they are working hard and “eating right.” Effort that you’re comfortable with rarely produces results. Effort that makes you wonder how the hell you got into this mess is the stuff that’s going to transform you.

So quick recap:

Balance = continuity, comfort and lack of change.

Imbalance = change, envelopment and mental insecurity.

Which one are you going to seek?