Male pulling up on swing set and stars on elbows

Overcoming Diet and Exercise Resistance

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Diet and exercise resistance can make achieving your fitness goals very difficult, if not impossible. It’s just like riding a bike with the brakes rubbing. It makes you work much harder while gaining little benefit.

This week’s episode fo the R.D.P Podcast is all about the 3 biggest sources of resistance that can hold your potential in check.

The first source of diet and exercise resistance is physical in nature. Fatigue, pain, and even joint stiffness can sap your motivation and make even simple activities difficult to do. Addressing, and hopefully removing fatigue and physical discomfort will make it a lot easier to embrace your fitness habits.

Male pulling up on swing set and stars on elbows

Elbow pain can offer plenty of resistance and derail even the most disciplined pull-up routine.

The second source of resistance is internal or emotional resistance. This can be very problematic for two reasons. The first is how you emotionally feel about an exercise or food will have much more influence on your health than the hard science behind those actual things. You can read everything there is to know about running, but it won’t do you much good if you have a lot of emotional resistance to going for a run.

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Emotional resistance can heavily influence your diet too. I can show you loads of scientific research about sugar or fat, but none of that matters much compared to how you feel when a co-worker brings donuts into the office.

How you feel about a stack of donuts is much more important than the actual nutritional content of the donut itself.

Lastly, you have environmental and situational resistance. A good example might be the weather or if you have the proper equipment to do what you want to do. A dirty kitchen creates resistance to making a healthy dinner while take-out may offer less resistance. This also goes for training. I always recommend keeping home exercise equipment set up and ready to use because there’s less resistance to using it compared to having to get everything set up.

Check out this week’s podcast for more information and examples to help you identify your own physical, emotional and environmental resistance.