Train smarter not harder! Smart Bodyweight Training takes the mystery out of what makes your workouts effective so you can get better results with less wasted effort. Includes a chapter on flexible eating for maximum results and a bonus chapter on DIY calisthenics equipment.[/text_output]

Bodyweight Training for Martial Arts is the ultimate solution for the modern martial artist looking to maximize their potential without spending a lot of time, money and energy in a crowded gym.

This unique progressive approach ensures you can work at your own level while also focusing on the essential functional assets you need as a martial artist. A lack of conditioning will always hold you back no matter how many kicks you throw or rounds you spar. The simple methods and routines in this book will ensure you won’t be caught flat-footed in the ring or real life.


Fitness IndependenceTake control and break free from the stressful dogmatic diet and exercise rat race once and for all! Fitness Independence is your guide for getting back to the timeless fitness principles that have become buried under the confusion and noise of our modern fitness culture. Stop worrying about the small influences that popular fitness fads distract you with and end the costly habits that are holding you back.

The latest cycling gear is great, but nothing will help you ride stronger, faster and safer than upgrading your own muscles. The efficient exercises and routines in BTC will help you build the strength, mobility, and stability to ride at your best. You also won’t need to spend a lot of time, money and energy on your workouts so your training will enhance your time on the bike rather than compromise it.[/text_output]