Relax, Bodyweight Training Can Provide As Much Resistance As You Can Take

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No need for a spotter

One of the reasons why I was so reluctant to study body weight exercises, was because I thought they were very limited in their scope of resistance.

After all, you can make a barbell heavier, or pin more weight on a weight machine, but that’s not quite the case with the human body.

Therefor, I didn’t take the discipline seriously. After all, who would ever want to use a tool or method that they might out grow as they became stronger?

As it turns out, you can make a body weight exercise harder by adding resistance. In fact you can do it in 3 different ways!

The first one, is to add weight to the body through things like vests, belts, chains, bands, or just by carrying a heavy object.

The second is to use a progressive approach which is where you alter your technique so the target muscles are moving more of your weight through leverage.

U shape push ups and pull ups and single leg squats are all great examples.

The cool thing about progressive calisthenics is that they also develop full body control and balance while developing strength.

This is vitally important because while muscle strength may lift the weight, the balance and control you have within that movement is what ensures more functional carry over to applications outside of the gym. Such control and balance is also what safeguards your joints and tissues from strain and injury.

If you’re still worried that you might out grow the resistance of bodyweight you can always combine the two methods and do loaded progressive calisthenics.

About half of the population will always find plenty of challenge with a standard pull up. If you’re one of the few who wants more resistance you can always do loaded pull ups or shift your weight more onto one arm.

If you’re one of the few who can do a one arm pull up then congrats! You’re part of a very elite club that few people would even attempt to join. However, If that’s still not enough then by all means grab a dumbbell with one hand and do pull ups with the other. That’s super human strength right there!

So relax, there’s almost no chance of anyone outgrowing the potential to be strong through bodyweight exercise. And if you can do one arm push ups with a 60 pound vest on, send me the video. I would love to see that!