The Red Delta Project Podcast is a weekly 20-minute audio session where I peel back the curtain on modern diet and exercise trends and shed new light on old ideas. It also gives you a lot more detailed information on some of the topics I touch on in my YouTube videos. It’s your opportunity to have me sit with you and share very best information I’ve got.

Each episode is jam-packed with pure content. It isn’t cluttered with mindless talk and annoying advertisements. I get right to the topic at hand within the first 20 seconds and I give you the best I’ve got for rest entire show. I also include practical takeaways in each episode that you can immediately apply so you can make progress from one episode to the next.

You can download each show through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play. You can also click the link below each episode on this page. Listen, take notes and hit me up with any questions you may have. You are also welcome to submit requests or questions for future episodes through the contact page.

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