Here you’ll find books and other resources to help make your fitness journey simpler and more effective.

Fitness Independence

Learn the essential principles of fitness and how to apply them to break free of the diet & exercise rat race so you can get fit on your own terms.

Convict Conditioning

Author Paul “Coach” Wade will teach you the ancient “Big Six” exercises to build strength, muscle, and power with just your bodyweight.

Convict Conditioning 2

Continue your journey into progressive calisthenics by building a crushing grip bulletproof joints and no-nonsense nutrition.

Explosive Calisthenics (Convict Conditioning 3)

Build explosive full-body power, speed, and agility with moves like jump squats, chest slapping push-ups, and muscle ups.


Learn the 10 commandments of building muscle with calisthenics to build a solid physique without a gym. Includes tips to maximize your testosterone level.

Strong Medicine

Authors Chris Hardy D.O MPH and Marty Gallaghar dive into the science behind the powerful effects of diet & exercise. No prescription or copay required.

Bodyweight Master Freestanding Pull-up Bar

This is the ultimate calisthenics home gym! Do squats, dips, rows, muscle-ups, leg raises, flags, arm work and more! You’re only limited by your imagination and determination.

Neuro Grips

Bring a new level of challenge and fun to your pushup workout. These unique handles will bring a new level of tension and control to your workout.