Show Vs. Go What Are You Working For?

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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At the risk of over simplification, I believe that most motivations to exercise fall into two main catagories.

-Working out for show

-Workout out for go.

Show goals are sort of like body building type goals. The goals of the show goals are things like muscle tone, weight loss, inches lost, bigger this and longer that. It’s noting about what you can do, it’s all about the image staring back at them in the mirror.

Go goals on the other hand are all about what the body can physically do. Folks with go goals could care less about six pack abs or muscle tone. It’s all about upgrading the body to perform at a higher level whether it’s about crushing the competition or working all day without fatigue.

It’s very easy to get the two schools of thought mixed. Many have wished to become stronger (a go objective) when they really want to become bigger (a show objective.)

Some folks might be afraid to admit to a show goal fearing they might appear vain or shallow. It’s as if wanting to look good in a bathing suit is for narcissists but going for greater strength or energy seems to be a little more righteous and noble.

Unfortunately this blurring of the lines has caused more than a little frustration and wasted time over the years. Countless folks seeking a slimmer mid section have been frustrated by seeking a stronger core. Their core undoubtedly gets stronger but often not slimmer since the two goals are in fact very different since one is for show and the other is for go.

If you’re primary goal is for show, then ditch the functional training approach and don’t worry so much about being faster, stronger or haveing better endurance. Those things might come with a nicer looking body, but it’s possible to achieve them all without improving your image at all.

If you’re goal is for go then start looking to improve performance at every turn. Adopt training strategies that mimic the activities you want to improve your performance in. Move faster, quicker and with the purpose to build performance.

If you’re like me however and want a combination of the two then by all means go with a hybrid of tactics. I’ve long felt that organic exercise is a very good blend of producing results for both show and go.

So get clear on what you want. Don’t worry about what your goals say or what other might think and charge forward. Your better body is waiting for you.