Simplifying Strength Training w/ Chain Training

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I created the Chain Training approach to strength training to make programing and organizing you workouts a lot simpler and easier to manage.

It’s been several years since it’s inception and it’s had a profound effect on every workout I do, as well as the workouts for my clients.

This week’s episode is the latest information and tips on how you can use the Chain Training approach in your workouts. Also, check out the free Chain Training PDF on the Free Resources page.

Q&A Time Stamps:

More details on micro workouts for busy people: 18:00

Does training without a shirt at the park make you a douche? 23:08

Is it good to alternate heavy and light training days? 25:07

Building muscle mass for teenagers 27:00

My thoughts on caloric restriction: 30:50

Training w/ Bipolar disorder 34:12

How to make your weaker arm stronger 36:05

Timed sets for strength training 38:16

Do you need to compliment calisthenics with other forms of training? 40:53

Thoughts on working out just once per week 42:08

Addressing imbalances in the lower body 43:59

Working out once per day vs breaking things up throughout the day 46:17

Thoughts on ring training every day 48:30

Thoughts on building muscle with resistance bands 49:29

Jump training without a plyo box 52:00

Can you build muscle with grease the groove? 53:59

Burpee strategies with building muscle 56:00

Training with a Knee injury 57:37

Does Grdin Style Calisthenics build muscle like weight lifting? 58:46

Slipping hands during towel hangs 1:00:00

How do I periodize my training? 1:02:00