Staying Safe While Running in Quarantine

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Whether you call in quarantine, self-isolation, or lockdown, there is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of everyone around the world. For individuals who used to visit their local gym for regular workouts, COVID-19 has transformed their fitness regime. Because most gyms have closed down during the pandemic, it’s fair to say that you’ve got to be creative to stay fit. 

Home workouts are a suitable replacement for the gym. But, it’s fair to say that it can get tricky to stay motivated when you’re working out in your lounge. In apartments, you are limited by both the available space and your neighbors. Therefore, if you’re considering a change of horizon, now’s the best time to take on running. But, running safely in quarantine requires the right perspective! 

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Drivers are less likely to pay attention

A lot of people have chosen to stay as much as possible at home during the pandemic. For runners, it means there are considerably fewer cars on the road. But, don’t let it fool you! Fewer cars are not the same thing as no car at all. Drivers have taken the pandemic as an excuse to exhibit reckless behaviors: Speeding and paying less attention to the road, to name but a few. According to pedestrian injury legal specialists, accidents are more likely to happen now in reduced traffic. Please don’t assume it is safe to cross the road or run on the street. As a runner, you need to be attentive to the current situation and keep to secure, traffic-free areas as much as possible. 

Avoid crowded areas

In any normal situation, most people would head to their local park for a run. However, due to the pandemic, you want to stay away from areas that are likely to be crowded. The virus travels into droplets through the air, which means that running next to other people could expose you to high risks. Ideally, you should wear a mask if you’re going to cross people on your route. Running with a mask means you have to work harder to get the air into your lungs. Additionally, breathing through your mouth is going to dampen the mask and make it less effective. When wearing a mask, try to reduce your efforts and breathe through the nose. 

No, reward food is not a good idea

Self-isolation also increases the risk of feeling down. When you are unable to meet up with your friends or workout partners face-to-face, it can be tricky to stay positive. For individuals who engage in regular workouts, it can be tempting to replace the post-workout snack with a yummy reward. Sugar can make you feel good, right? Unfortunately, high sugar snacks create a temporary rush that will not last. A healthy diet supports your immune system and your mood much better than sweet treats. 

Don’t rush it

Leaving your home exposes you to health risks. But it doesn’t mean you should rush your daily run. Take the time to warm up before running and stretch afterward. The process will avoid injuries and speed up recovery time. 

Is it safe to run outside during a pandemic? The answer is yes. But you need to be careful about traffic regulations, your choice of location, your protective gear, and your pre- and post-workout routine. Running is a healthy workout. But it’s up to you to make it a safe habit.