Street Workout Wisdom w/ Danny Kavadlo

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2 wonderful things have happened over the past week. 1) Al and Danny Kavadlo released their latest calisthenics masterpiece, Street Workout and 2) Danny Kavaldo was kind enough to share some of his best thoughts on training and life in the Red Delta Project Podcast.

In this podcast Danny covers:

1:00 Danny’s training history.


The ultimate urban calisthenics anthology.

2:46 The street workout “movement.”

5:00 Developing more than just the body.

8:00 Breaking down the book, Street Workout.

14:00 Working out with your environment.

15:43 Creativity in working out.

21:09 True freedom from calisthenics.

24:10 On honesty and hard work.

30:27 Closing thoughts.

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