Strength Doesn’t Come From Muscle

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Building muscle takes far more than a strong workout..

Building muscle takes far more than a strong workout..

Strength doesn’t come from muscle.

It doesn’t come from a supplement or a tweak in your training routine either.

Strength comes from a strong mind that stays focused during each workout, during the day, the week and even the year.

Strength comes from a strong diet that nourishes your body, energizes your spirit and doesn’t drain your emotional resolve.

Strength comes from a thick skin, a strong spine and balls of steel. There’s always going to be those who will criticize your goals and your methods. No one ever got anywhere when every little breeze changes their heading.

Strength comes from a strong technique that works your muscle without stressing out your joints and soft tissues.

Strength comes from strong recovery methods like a solid night’s sleep and post workout techniques that dissipate the tension of the workout.

Ultimately, strength doesn’t come from muscle, muscle comes from strength. Strength of mind. Strength of character. Strength of spirit. Muscle isn’t built from some twist in the diet or a special workout plan. It’s the result of a long list of strengths and capabilities that must be developed first.

Building muscle is easy for the strong, but almost impossible for the weak.