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Matt Schifferle

Matt Schifferle

After over 25 years of struggling with conventional approaches to diet and exercise, Matt developed his holistic fundamental approach to fitness, nutrition, and Grind Style Calisthenics.

Now, he shares what he’s learned with those who are fed up with the status quo and feel there has to be a better way to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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What’s The Red Delta Project About?

A Fundamental Approach to Fitness

The world of fitness can be a noisy mess of dogmatic experts who claim you have to force yourself to obediently follow their methods.

R.D.P cuts through that toxic noise by focusing on the fundamental processes of Nature that ultimately govern your health and fitness.

More Balance and Control

This fundamental approach recognizes that your success does not depend on how obedient you are to a dogmatic diet or exercise program.

Instead, it’s about how well you can influence, and balance, the duel forces that drive all fundamental natural processes.

Progress Through Skill and Proficiency

Achieving influential control over the fundamental processes of Nature takes practice and proficiency.

Developing these fundamental skills gives you far more power and control over your fitness even when life becomes hectic and unpredictable. 


Power, Simplicity, and Dsire

Developing such skills isn’t difficult, especially when you embrace fitness habits that align with your preferences, resources, and lifestyle.

It’s this “Strength-Through-Simplicity” that gives you the power to achieve the results you want while enjoying the freedom to eat, train and enjoy your fitness on your own terms. 

This is how the R.D.P fundamental approach to fitness gives you the power to achieve the results you want without the need to follow any particular dogmatic diet or exercise program. 

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Fitness Independence

Using a Fundamental Approach Gain More Power, Control, and Freedom Over Your Healthy Lifestyle.

Grind Style Calisthenics

The Smart Way to Use Calisthenics to Build Muscle and Functional Strength.

Denver, Colorado

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