Stuck For Workout Motivation? Try These Alternative Sports!

In Fitness Independence by Matt

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One of the absolute hardest things when it comes to working out is trying to maintain the necessary levels of motivation. There are a lot of reasons for this but one of them is that many of the standard workout options are just not all that interesting. Sure, there’s something pleasant and meditative about wracking up the reps on the heavy weights, but if you’re not the type of person who really enjoys the gym, it’s not always the most exciting thing in the world. So why not try something a little different? Here are just a few alternative sports that you might not have tried but that can offer a great workout.


A lot of people assume that archery, however cool it might be, is hardly going to help you stay in particularly good shape. However, the truth is that archery is one of the most intense sports out there. It takes a huge amount of strength to pull back the bowstring in the first place and the dexterity required to maintain accuracy when firing is pretty incredible. It’s also a sport that requires near-perfect levels of focus if you really want to do well. It’s not just a show of skill but an awareness of everything going on around and you and an ability to make all of the necessary adjustments.


Fencing is kind of unique in many of the classical “combat” based sports. A lot of the time fencing is likened more closely to something like chess than anything else. It’s about being able to predict your opponent’s next move so that you can create the perfect counter and secure a victory. All the while, you’ve got be able to develop lightning-fast reflexes in order to most effectively capitalize on your strategies. It’s a sport that relies more on finesse than strength but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer a seriously intense workout.

Martial arts

The thing that most people misunderstand about martial arts is that most of the time, fighting has nothing to do with it. Martial arts are about fostering discipline in both the mind and the body in a way that few other sports can really manage. And, of course, there are a whole lot of different options. From full-contact martial arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu to limb strike based martial arts like Karate. Whatever you choose, you’re not only going to get a workout like no other, but you will develop skills of the mind that you can bring into pretty much every aspect of your life.

One thing to remember is that these are just a few of the amazing sports that are available to you. Far too many people get trapped in the idea that there are only a few workout options available to them but the truth is that there are so many different sports and workouts out there that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that interests you. And when you do, it’s going to be a whole lot easier to find that motivation.