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3 Best Strap Exercises for Bigger Biceps

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I love doing biceps exercises on suspension straps. I even preferred them over free weight curls back before I was made the switch to progressive calisthenics. There are many biceps exercises you can do on suspension straps. Over the years, I’ve found 3 moves that work a lot better than all of the others. These include the scoop curl, the …

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Bodyweight Biceps Workout

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Pre-exhaustion has been a tried and true muscle building technique since the down of body building. It’s simply using a focused exercise on a specific muscle group, and then immediately using a compound exercise that includes that same muscle group to create a higher state of fatigue. No muscle group seems to gain more focused attention than the biceps, which …

Build Your Biceps With Clutch Curls

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Clutch curls, there’s nothing like em! They combine the focus and intensity of a preacher curl with the freedom and versatility of free freights. It’s also incredibly easy to dial in the perfect amount of tension to make each set that money set telling your arms to grow. I could do nothing but this move for the rest of my …

The Fixed Bar Bodyweight Biceps Curl

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Some of the best arm exercises are body weight moves and this is no exception. Like tiger bends, and floor triceps extensions, this fixed bar curl keeps your hands still while moving your entire body against gravity. This creates a lot of potential tension in your biceps while also sparing any stress on your spine and lower back. Give this …

2 Essential Tips For TRX Biceps Curls

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  There are few tools that work your arms like suspension straps or a TRX. For my money, no other tools can target and work the arms like straps, especialy with all of the different attachments I’ve built 😉 But the tools are only a small part of the effect. The technique you use will always determine the extent of your …