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Why Build a Bodyweight Home Gym?

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One of the biggest advantages of progressive¬†bodyweight training is you don’t need to join a gym or buy any fancy equipment. You also have the freedom to train anywhere at any time. So why on earth would you want to invest in building a ? Wouldn’t that just negate the freedom of bodyweight training? While the freedom to train anywhere …

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The Incredible Fat Burning Device That’s Collecting Dust in Your Garage

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The great fat torching tool at work in the early days When I flip through photo albums of my past, I notice a drastic difference in my appearance during my freshman and sophomore years in college. I was always lean, but during that time I got super lean. It’s almost as if fat itself was being repelled from my body. …

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The Best Tools for Weighted Body Weight Exercise

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I like to get loaded once in a while. I also drink a little too much from time to time :). I’m talking about the art of loaded body weight training. It;s the ancient method of loading more weight onto the body to change the intensity of a technique. In this post we will look at some of the tools …