Lifting Technique isn’t Everything……It’s the Only Thing

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Okay I admit it, there was once a time when I thought that exercise technique was a minor consideration and that  heavy weight and long grueling workouts were the key to getting big and strong.

Oh what I fool I have been!

Not long ago, I started to dive into the aspect of improving the quality of my movement rather than just the intensity or quantity of it. Wouldn’t you know it, but my results improved! I got stronger, faster and I felt like a new man.

Over time I started to realize that the importance of the added reps or the higher level of intensity wasn’t to challenge my muscle or might, but rather to challenge my technique. If my technique were to have changed under those circumstances then I lost ground even though it would appear that the numbers in my log were going up. This is why I was making progress on paper but it wasn’t apparent outside the gym.

These days I seldom consider adding more reps or resistance to an exercise as a step forward. The only thing I focus on in the strength of my technique. Adding resistance or volume at the expense of technique is a step to the side at best and a step back at worst.  The only way added reps or resistance can make anyone stronger is if the technical integrity of the exercise remains intact. Otherwise it’s a wash.

As I get ready for my workout I know, technique isn’t the most important component of my workout, but rather the only reason for the workout in the first place. It’s through testing my technique and improving it that I tell my body to grow and become stronger.

It’s the only thing that ever has and the only thing that ever will.