How to Make Super Satisfying Salads

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Salads and healthy eating are almost synonymous. It doesn’t even matter what sort of fad diet you may be following, chances are some type of salad can fit within the strict rules.

It’s hard to argue against salads. They almost always contain a huge amount of the “good stuff” and a minimal amount of “bad stuff.” What’s not to love?
Oh yea, the fact that salads can be bland, boring, tasteless and hardly satisfying.

I forgot that part.

I forget because I’ve been using the following salad ninja tricks to build a salad I might even pass up a burger for:

– I use lots of variety. Most salads are made with the same old boring standard fare. Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and maybe a few sprinkles of peppers. To combat this, add as many different veggie or fruit as possible. Putting in some fruits like strawberries, apples, or even pineapple will add a host of full flavors as well as give you a greater nutrient profile. Plus the wide variety will also add texture and visual appeal.

– I pile on the protein and fat. I like to think of a salad as either protein with veggies or veggies with protein. In other words it’s about a 50/50 mix. You can use any sources you like, meat, nuts, tofu, temphe, cheese, or any mix of the above. Remember, variety is key with your protein as well. What ever you use be sure to use as much as you feel you need to give some heft to the salad.

-I Use dressing as a flavor enhancer rather than flavor masker. I never drown my salad in dressing. Salad dressing is meant to enhance the crsip and refreshing flavors of the salad, not cover them up. A technique I like to use is to write the letter M with the dressing. This tends to distribute the perfect amount of dressing over the salad for maximum taste while also sparing calories.

– I Use spices in addition to dressing. I don’t know why more people don’t break out the spice rack when making a salad. Adding things like basil, red pepper or even just cracked black pepper can be the best finishing touch.

Always remember, a salad is meant to be a simple meal that’s easy to literally throw together. To save time you can buy pre-cut and chopped ingredients in the grocery store and throw together a huge salad you eat throughout the week. Also look for salad starter kits in your produce section as a great foundation to your perfect salad. These starter kits are great to mix’n spice up some left over steak-and-potatoe meals and other dull left overs.