The 3 Biggest Time Wasters in Modern Workouts

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I confess that I used to spend over 3 hours at a time just to get in my standard workout.

These days, my workouts take 20-minutes or less. It’s not because I’m lazy or trying to find shortcuts. It’s because I’ve drastically reduced the bloat and dead-weight habits that weren’t very effective.

At the same time, I’ve adopted far more efficient habits that cost a fraction of the time and effort while providing much more benefit.

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Q&A time stamps

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Is calisthenics good for daily functional activity? 34:44

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How do I incorporate alcohol into a healthy diet? 43:02

Thoughts on Creatine: 46:53

Is using a neutral grip better for pull-ups? 48:21

Pre-fatigue sets, useful or useless? 49:49

Have I ever thought about offering on-line coaching? 51:27

Nordic Curls vs Suspension Hamstring curls: 52:40

 Is it better to add reps or resistance? 54:19