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The 3 Minute Workout

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Today’s post comes courtesy of Strength coach and MMA trainer Martin Rooney.

Through his book, Ultimate Warrior Workouts, he recommends using a 3 minute time to test how much of an exercise you can do.

This short workout is fantastic for body weight training. Use it to test how many jump squats or pull ups you can do in 3 minutes. You can also test pushups, hanging leg raises or how much distance you can cover on a track.

Sure you can use a different amount of time, but I find that 3 minutes is that “just right” duration. It’s not so short that it feels like an all out sprint, yet it’s not so long that it leaves you feeling completely tired out.

Everyone I know who has used this test has experienced some pretty remarkable progress in a short period of time. Their scoreboards are filled with 3MT categories where the numbers consistently go up over the first few weeks.

So find a timer and select your exercise. Ideally it should be something that’s tough to do for 30-60 seconds without taking a break. You’ll soon discover a new level of strength, endurance and mental toughness without needing to workout for any more than 3 minutes.