The 4 Flaws in Every Diet

The 4 Big Flaws in Every Diet

In Diet-Free Healthy Eating / Fat Loss/ Nutritionby Matt

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These days dieting dogmas are almost a religion. Some of them even originate from religious practices.  Diet evangelists preach the virtues of their dietary methods on the internet and in books. They promise salvation from obesity, poor health, and even your own sinful desires.


Traditional ideas about diet may have a long history, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy.

Even though various diets come and go, they are all based on the same basic premise. It’s a dietary philosophy that’s as old as the hills and steeped in tradition throughout the world.

Despite the long history of dieting, it’s an approach to health and wellbeing that’s incredibly flawed. These flaws have followed every diet throughout history and are sure to infect diets in the future. They hold back your ultimate potential for results, but even worse, they are often sold as the very things that make the diet effective.

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In this week’s podcast, I expose 4 of the biggest flaws of diet both modern and old. I also propose a new approach to healthy eating that could make the very idea of dieting obsolete.