How to Kill Workout Boredom

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Boredom kills your ability to progress and advance your workouts. No matter how hard you’re pushing yourself, a boring workout is only slightly better than worthless.

It kills you mental edge.  It kills your drive and desire. It kills your focus. Not to mention it’s also a total bear to get through. So I say it’s time we got even with boredom.

There are many strategies to kill off boredom but most of them rely on “tricks” or novelty. While this might stave off boredom for a short time, endless variety and “changing things up” often falls short. It’s like the child who is bored and wants to play a new game or buy a new toy. Before too long they get bored with that too and the cycle never ends. Instead of searching for methods that actually produce results the goal is to simply no longer be  quite as bored.

That’s why this week’s podcast is devoted towards the ultimate boredom killing strategy. One that will show no mercy towards even your most boring workouts.