The Benefits of Emotional Eating

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Emotional eating gets a bad reputation. Almost everyone I know is trying to do less of it or stop emotional eating altogether.

I find the idea of not eating from an emotional foundation kind of funny. What are we supposed to do, eat without any emotion whatsoever?! Do the experts really expect us to eat like we are some sort of emotionally void machines who are only consuming food to stay alive?

That idea should strike a cord with you. Maybe you’re thinking; “That’s crazy, I’m not a machine!” Or maybe you just feel like eating just for the sake of ingesting food would suck much of the joy out of life. Whatever you’re feeling, I bet it’s anything but good.

That simple point alone should be a powerful lesson about food. It’s terribly impractical, if not impossible to divorce your emotions from your food choices. You can’t non-emotionaly eat any more than you can flap your arms and fly around the world.

Besides, why remove the most beneficial and potent element in a healthy diet? Your emotional relationship with food is incredibly powerful and can make healthy eating easier than ever. The person making healthy diet choices is just as much an emotional eater as the person making unhealthy choices. The only difference is one is coming from an emotionally positive place with food, and the other is coming from an emotionally negative place.

Check out this week’s podcast on the benefits of emotional eating and how you too can harness the incredible power of your emotional self to achieve your goals with a fraction of the effort.