The Best DIY Suspension Straps

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I’ve been obsessed with building my own suspension straps. So much so that I’ve spent far too much time and money trying to get every little detail perfect. I’ve lost count, but I’m guessing I’ve built about 30 different variations over the years.

In this video series, I share with you all of my secrets about building a set of suspension straps that will rival, or even surpass, anything on the market today.

We start off with observing if building your own straps is a good idea in the first place:


In this video I cover the simple and inexpensive materials you’ll be using to build your bas straps for full adjustability and effective workouts.

This video is about the materials you’ll be using to build your attachments.

This video covers how to make your handles and why PVC is not a very good material to use:

This video is how to make adjustable foot cradles that are simple, comfortable and adjustable for that perfect fit:

And finally we have a couple of videos on how to make some unique and fun attachments that can really spice up your training: