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The Best Way to Start Any New Diet or Exercise Program

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A start line is only effective when you start it.

A start line is only effective when you start it.

Today’s post is for the beginner who wants to start a new diet or exercise routine.

In other words, it’s for everyone. After all, we’re all beginners in one way or another. In order to grow and develop we need to keep trying new things.

Anyhoo, I’m often asked for advice on how best to start a new fitness program. Maybe start a new workout or get into using a new tool. Or maybe you want to start cutting back on something, thus your trying to begin and ending.

So where should you start?

Anywhere! Do anything, in any way you wish. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect or if you’re not 100% sure in what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter what other’s say should or should not be done. Just start.

It’s true that no one ever accomplished anything without getting their start. But don’t worry too much about that start. Because while no one ever succeeded without starting, they also never got anywhere if they didn’t take that next step after they started.

Start anywhere, do anything, and then move forward. It’s the moving forward that matters most. Just get up and go……and keep going. Keep learning and keep progressing. With time and progress you will succeed regardless of how you start.

The most important thing about starting out is that it happens. After that it’s all about where you go from there and every step you take afterward. After all, the purpose of a start line is that it is crossed and then left behind.