The Calisthenics Advantage of Earned Strength

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“It’s so much easier to build muscle and strength with Weightlifting, you just add weight.”

I’ve heard the above argument for why weight lifting is better than body weight training for years and have always thought it was a valid point. After all, when it comes to calisthenics making your muscles work harder is a lot more complicated. You have to “upgrade” more than just your muscle strength. You also have to improve your balance, muscle coordination, and a host of other qualities you may not care about.

pistol squat

     Ya gotta earn that resistance and prove your            worthy of it!

In short, you have to earn your resistance as opposed to having it simply given to you from an external object.

Not that there’s anything wrong with lifting a weight, but I’ve grown into the belief that even though I have to earn my resistance in calisthenics I’m far better off for it.

Check out this week’s podcast to learn why earned resistance may be better than just given resistance.