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The Cure for Long Workouts

In Fitness Independence by Matt

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Is your workout swollen and bloated? Is it growing painful to fit into your busy schedule? Well, I have the cure for your long workouts right here my friend.

Like a long shower or meal with family, long workouts are great for an occasional luxury but stressful when they are a necessity. In our busy modern world, it’s difficult to maintain a routine that eats up your already limited time and energy. It’s no wonder many people find it difficult to stay in shape. When an average workout bullies you for a lot of your precious time and energy it’s often easier to “take a break” from working out when life gets hectic.

As I mention in the chapter on the essential principles of fitness, consistency is one of the 5 things you must have to stand any chance of success. A fat and bloated workout are incredibly difficult to maintain for any length of time which puts your entire success in dire jeopardy.

Make no mistake, a long workout doesn’t always mean a more effective workout. You don’t always get further in fitness just because you sacrifice more of your precious life to the gym. In fact, spending a lot of time in your workout can be a symptom of 6 major issues that can handicap your results.

That’s right, not only can a shorter workout be easier and more convenient; it can also be free of the fluff that’s holding you back.

In this week’s podcast, I discuss the following 6 symptoms of a bloated workout and what you can do about them to reduce your workout time and get better results.

  • Spending too much time warming up
  • Using too much volume
  • Using too much rest time between sets
  • Using too many exercises
  • Over-relying on cardio to burn calories
  • Trying to accomplish too many objectives in your workout
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