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The Adjustable Suspension Strap Foot Straps

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Behold, the inspiration for my new foot straps!

Behold, the inspiration for my new foot straps!

foot straps are one of the biggest advantages suspension straps have over gymnastics rings. Being able to suspend your feet gives you a whole new way to train your core and legs.

Like many commercially available suspension strap handles, I’ve long been dissatisfied with the foot straps of many systems. The biggest issue is that they straps are just too big or too small. Some straps don’t even have heel supports making them a safety issue.

I created these foot straps to instantly adjust to the size shoe you’re wearing while providing all of the safety and comfort you’ll ever need. They do everything better and eliminate the disadvantages of fixed non-adjustable foot straps.

Check out the video below and let me know if you have any questions down below.