The Formula for Unlimited Fitness Motivation

In Fitness Independence by Matt

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Motivation is the lifeblood of your entire fitness lifestyle. If you have it, anything is possible, but you’re totally lost without it.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the fundamental formula for generating it (hint it’s nothing to do with what you see on social media) and how to maintain it for years at a time.

How to work the pull chain without a pull-up bar: 12:55

Fixing wrist plain during push-ups: 15:02

Why are so many people afraid of strength training? 16:39

Improving self esteem and emotional strength through strength training: 21:45

Circuit training vs split training for functional carry over to daily life: 25:17

How to get started when you don’t feel like working out: 27:57

How can I get my girlfriend to start lifting? 29:47

Is overcoming isometrics enough to build muscle and burn fat? 33:26

What’s the relationship between strength and building muscle? 35:34

Shoulder pain during push-ups: 37:38

Tips for standing up for yourself: 39:00

How do I keep the straight leg up while doing pistol squats? 41:41

Does stress compromise your mind-muscle connection? 43:20

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