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The Freedom of Exploratory Progression

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Most calisthenics methods use a method of progression that’s like those old-school video games that progress from point A to point B. They work in levels with the idea that you ascend in a number of steps.

Many approach progression like a linear left-to-right journey.


It’s a good method, but it sometimes forces you to fit a square peg into a round hole. progression requires improving many skills and components of fitness. As I mentioned in my post on the elements of progression, there are many ways to progress and improve your training. It’s not all about more weight or doing more reps and sets.

The elements of progression give you a lot of flexibility in how you progress your training.

This is why I recommend a slightly different approach I call exploratory progression. Instead of going straight through the steps in a strict fashion you’re free to sort of wander and explore what you can do. In this way, you turn from a linear progression step-by-step system to something that’s more like going on a quest similar to role-playing games.

Exploratory progress gives you the freedom to wander and explore what you can do.

You still use the step-by-step systems as a general template for your journey, but you don’t need to stay on the straight and narrow at all times. You’re free to experiment and learn beyond what the system presents to you.

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