The Handicap of Appetite Supression

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I consider many popular diet and exercise strategies a handicap rather than a benefit. When it comes to diet, many people try to suppress their appetite or cravings through methods ranging from pouring powders on food to drastic surgeries.  While these methods might work to some degree, I believe they can seriously hold you back.

The reasons is because I came across an interesting study  lending more scientific weight to my theories on dietary conditioning.

You can check out the article on it here ===>

In the article the author suggests  changing one’s dietary preferences is possible through conditioning. You can develop your appetites and tastes towards certain foods. You can lose the taste for cookies and increase your desire for chef salad.   The main take away is that you’re not cursed to always crave junk food and force feed yourself vegetables.

But there’s a much bigger lesson in this article which mentions that dietary conditioning transfers your appetites and desire to eat from one type of food to the next.  Your overall enjoyment of food and eating stays high.

Compare this with many appetite suppression tactics like gastric bypass surgery and pouring powders on food where the objective is to lower the enjoyment of eating as a whole.

It makes me wonder, what’s a better option; subduing pleasure and enjoyment or simply transferring it from from one habit to another?

One of the founding principals of Fitness Independence is to pursue pleasure and enjoyment. The best way to fight a bad habit is to find a good habit that’s even more fun and enjoyable. Rather than trying to fight against something you don’t want, you embrace something else you want even more. That’s what the “Red” in Red Delta Project represents after all. Red is the color of Love, passion, and pleasure. Red also represents strength and power which you must possess and grow if you want to make any changes to your body and health.  I firmly believe that we all possess far more power to make things happen when we pursue good things and habits that stoke the fire within.

While the article lends more credibility to the idea that you can change your personal appetites and tastes when it comes to diet, I think the bigger lesson is that changing your tastes over to healthier options may be far more powerful than just trying to subdue them all together.