The Importance of Your Caloric Horizon

In Diet-Free Healthy Eating / Fat Loss/ Nutritionby Matt

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Your personal caloric horizon is a very important thing to understand in your quest to lose, gain or maintain body fat.

How both your calorie expenditure and calorie intake relate to your caloric horizon will greatly influence how you can best manage your weight. Some folks are better off focusing on diet, while others are going to make more ground through increasing activity.

Understanding your caloric horizon is also crucial in managing your risk for future weight gain. The closer you live to your caloric horizon the easier it will be to put on weight and the harder it will be to take off. On the other hand, living well above your caloric horizon gives you a buffer to be a little more relaxed with your diet with much less risk of weight gain. If you do gain weight, the higher you are above your horizon the easier it will be to take it back off.

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