The Cause of Stubborn Muscle Growth

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Stubborn muscle growth is incredibly frustrating. You put in your time and effort while following that supposidly perfect program to the letter and you still don’t make gains.

The issue isn’t that you’re not working hard enough. It’s because you may not have built up enough muscle control.


In the last post I talked about how technique is the single reason why you get the results you have. Improving and strengthening your technique should always be the primary focus of your training.

The fact is, you’ll only progress as far as your technique will allow and the heart of good technique is the ability to control your body. The example I use is that of a race car. If you look at a car, most of the car’s design is about controlling the power of the engine. The chassis, tires, body, shocks, even the design of the steering wheel is all about being able to control that power. The more control the driver has, the faster he can drive around the track. However take away some of that control (like put on crappy tires) and it doesn’t matter how much horsepower that engine can produce. He can’t drive nearly as fast.

Gaining better and stronger technique is like suddenly slapping on some supper sticky tires. Now the driver can drive much faster with the same amount of power. The engineers also know they can pump another 30 horsepower into the engine because they know the car can handle it.

Your body is the same way. It’s only going to allow you to grow as strong and powerful as your technique allows. If you can’t seem to get more reps or add more resistance then your body and mind is physically holding you back. It knows more power with less control means greater risk of injury. However, when you gain more control nothing is holding you back. Instead of struggling to gain a small bit of progress you now have an open invitation to become so much more powerful and stronger.