The Mythical Link Between Money and Fitness

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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They say you get what you pay for.It’s true in many ways. I once drove a $200,000 sports car and then jumped into my econo-car. It was a HUGE difference.
Plus we know the difference between a quality burger we can get for $9 and a cheap fast food burger. Yep no doubt about it, paying more scratch usually means we get more of what want from a product or service.

But is it true with fitness?

I just finished looking at some home weight machines that cost well over $10,000. To be fair I never used one of these things but upon reading how they work the body it sounds like the experience would be almost, if not the same, as using a simple set of stretch bands that can be purchased for under $20.

I’m sure there is a difference, but is it a difference worth paying $9,980 for?

And then we have to wonder if the difference is even advantageous.

After studying the bio mechanics of a runner while using a treadmill vs. actually running on the ground I came to believe that actual running is better and more effective.

One of the founding beliefs of the Red Delta Project was that not only can quality fitness be dirt cheap, but that doing things cheap can bring about better results.

Take for example the simple sand bag. It costs almost nothing to construct and yet it will build strength, power and endurance in ways no fancy machine or even expensive free weights can.

Not saying that the expensive and fancy stuff isn’t going to work. But it’s important to understand that the product we are actually after isn’t the equipment itself but rather the results from using that equipment.

The results of fitness do not depend upon how much we can max out our credit cards. They depend on how much time and effort we are willing to spend rather than dollars and cents.

So let’s take perspective. The fancy and expensive machines and programs are nice to have and use, but rarely do they offer a benefit beyond a cheaper (and often free) alternative.
Spend the money if you like, but only if you want to. You are under no obligation whatsoever to spend money for the body you want.

Money can’t buy me love….or a better pull up.