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The No “S” Diet Review

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The healthy eating approach here at the red delta project doesn’t have much in the way of black and white rules.

We believe all foods have their place in a healthy diet and it takes skill and experience to make smart food choices.

Unfortunately that’s not what some folks like.

Lots of people naruaraly gravitate twoards back and white eating styles that list certain foods as evil and others as holy. While it might not play out all that well in real life, it at last is a little easier to mentally swallow.

Thats why the no S diet by Reinhard Engels and Ben Kallen is such a fantastic book.

It blends the basic principals of healthy eating with a little balck and white perspective.

At the heart of the program are three simple rules:

– No sweets
– No second helpings
– No snacks

* Except for on days that start with S

The beautiful thing is that there is no solid list of what qualifies as a second, a sweet or a snack. The author has left that up to your own judgement thus giving you the flexibility to adopt a healthy eating style that jives with real life.

There is also no real rule for what an S day is either. Of course that constitutes Saturday and Sunday, but that also includes special days including birthdays and holidays.

The basic goal of the book is not to eliminate any sorts of foods, and the authors do a great job explaining that the foods themselves are not to blame. Instead it’s the over consumption of these foods that has caused problems.

By cutting back on obvious sweets, snacking between meals and eating more than a single helping, you can drastically adjust all of the necessary areas of your diet without feeling too restrictive or confined. It still allows you to eat food you enjoy and make allowances where they really count.

It’s a fantastic blend of black and white rules and grey real life eating choices. It is a great stepping stone towards mindful eating, intuitive eating and any other self guided eating styles.

And yet it still gives comfort for the dieter that there are rules and guidelines that will take care of their needs.

Best of all, these rules are hard to argue against. While every diet has it’s loves and haters, almost anyone and everyone can look at these basic ideas and agree they have some solid validity to them. You won’t find yourself wrestling with scientific data, reading food labels or keeping food logs. It’s simple, strait forward, and practically a surefire way to step up to a healthier diet.