The Only Diet and Nutrition Rule You Need to Know

In Diet-Free Healthy Eating / Fat Loss/ Nutritionby Matt

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I like to keep things simple.

So when it comes to making changes to my diet there is one and only one rule I pay attention to.

Why only one rule? Because this one rule governs all other aspects of healthy eating.
If you follow this one rule, all of the other rules and ideas will fall into place naturally.

That one rule is this:

All diet and nutritional consequences are dependent upon the rate of consumption.

We can argue over whole grains or processed foods all we like, but the fact remains that all of the positives and negatives we experience about food depend on the rate of consumption.

The other day, I finished off a growler of beer. If I drank that whole thing in less than an hour I would have been unfit to juggle my antique chain saw collection.

But I didn’t drink it all in an hour. I drank it all over the course of a week thus keeping my blood alcohol level within safe chain saw juggling limits.

I still drank the beer, and I still drank the same amount of it. The only difference was the rate at which I consumed it.

We get way too caught up in what we are eating, but if we ignore the rule of rate of consumption we can still mess things up.

Back when low fat was the rage, people were gaining weight while polishing off whole pints of low fat ice cream in a single sitting.
Meanwhile others were eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s over 2 weeks and never experiencing any consequences at all.

So if you’re looking to improve your diet for any reason simply look at what you’re eating now and change the rate at which you are consuming it.

It really is all you need to concern yourself with.