The Power of Technical Convergence

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There are 101 reasons why I absolutely love calisthenics training. One of the biggest reasons is something I like to call technical convergence.

Technical convergence is what I call it when the quality of technique is married to the  intensity on the muscle.  It’s when you have to improve your technique if you want to make an exercise more challenging and effective.

Technical convergence is possible through all forms of training, but it’s much more prevalent, and easier to accomplish through calisthenics. This is because calisthenics requires technical convergence. You simply cannot keep progressing your fitness without it when it comes to body weight training.

Here’s an example:

When I was weight training, I was in a state of technical divergence. Every time I lifted weight I wanted to work my muscle as hard as possible. As a result, my mind was focused on adding weight to the bar and creating as much intensity on the muscle.

The thing is, even though I was adding weight on the bar, my technique was eroding because of it. My range of motion was shortening, my  speed was changing and muscle fiber recruitment patterns were highly inconsistent. My technique was suffering due to my hunger for more muscle tension.


When I switched to calisthenics, I flipped things around. I quickly realized that if I wanted to work my muscle harder, then I had to also improve my technique. As a result, a higher quality technique and muscle tension went hand in hand. Muscle tension and technical ability were no longer in opposition, but rather complimentary aspects of every exercise.


This was the birth of learning the importance and benefits of technical progression. Not only did it build stronger muscles, but it also improved flexibility, balance, control, muscle awareness, joint health and functional carryover.