The Principle of Hormesis and Why Good Fitness Habits Go Bad

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Hormesis is the natural law that different doses of the same thing can produce completely different results.

In our more-is-always-better (and sometimes less-is-always-better) fitness culture, this is an idea that can safeguard you from self sabotaging your efforts with the best of intentions.

Q&A Timestamps:

 DO I have a nighttime ritual to help me sleep? 11:06

Is it too late for me to start calisthenics training? 12:22

Do I ever get the urge to use a barbell anymore? 13:23

Is working a muscle twice a week good to calisthenics training? 16:25

Are hamstring curls necessary for complete lower body workout? 18:14

Will running cause me to lose muscle mass? 20:20

How to eat healthy with a sweet tooth: 21:33

How should a skinny-fat person start to exercise? 24:56

Best places to find free fitness information for beginners: 26:03

Exercises for weak/ unstable shoulders: 28:46

Is the idea of neuromuscular proficiency too difficult for most people to understand? 30:06

Why no one ever got in shape watching YouTube Videos: 32:32

Why do so many trainers shrug off isometric training? 34:38

Best tips for deeper squats: 37:36

Can I still do a front lever? 39:00

Exploring the power of Neuromuscular Proficiency: 39:42

How to prevent shrugging while doing dips: 43:56

Are pull-ups / Dips and pistol squats enough to build muscle: 45:29