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The Real Value Behind Convict Conditioning

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I used to fantasize about being able to become and stay in great shape through primarily using calisthenics.

I used to imagine the freedom of never needing to join a gym or buy lots of expensive equipment.
I thought about how it would be great to get a great workout in no matter where I was. It would relieve so much stress and open up a whole world of possibilities.

But who was I kidding? I knew (like everyone else at my gym) that calisthenics were great for warm ups and beginners, but that was about it. If I wanted to really get in shape I was going to have to pay the membership fee or stock my apartment with thousands of dollars worth or equipment.

Once in a while, I would come across someone who would claim that the dream of supreme fitness through calisthenics was possible. However when it came time to produce the goods the information was bland and uninspiring. The programs were elementary thus cementing my belief about calisthenics being for beginners.

When I got my hands on Convict Conditioning by Paul “Coach” Wade I figured I was in for the same old deal. Thankfully I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Paul Wade does a fantastic job laying out an argument that anyone can get into fantastic shape through calisthenics.
He spends whole chapters and page upon page detailing why calisthenics are great, and exactly how to do them to produce amazing levels of strength.

He was the first person I’ve ever come across who not only said that I could get in fantastic shape through calisthenics, but he backed up that claim as well.

His prose were quite convincing. By the time I read the book I was willing to give calisthenics a serious shot and devoted a solid month to nothing but body-weight exercises.

By the end of the month every single positive aspect of my fitness had improved and all negative aspects had declined.
I had more energy, more stamina, more speed and more strength. My busted shoulder was finally healing, my bad issues were almost gone and my hips finally started to feel solid.

What’s more, I was finally feeling strong for the first time in my life. Not just gym strong, but real world kick-ass-at-anything strong.

It’s been a couple of years since I first read the book and its one of the few books I’ve read multiple times. I’m still doing workouts that are based around body weight exercise and all of the positives continue to grow while the negatives fade into a distant memory.

And so it is with heart felt thanks to Paul Wade for showing me that the dream is possible. Anyone can get in fantastic shape through calisthenics. If you don’t believe me I invite you to check out the book for yourself.

Maybe it won’t change your life, maybe it won’t take away all for earaches and pains and help you discover strength you never knew you had.

But then again it just might show you that so much more is possible than you ever imagined.