The true source of a healthy diet

The Root of a Healthy Diet

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The source of a healthy diet goes much deeper than what you eat. While what’s on your plate is important, what’s most important to why that food is on your plate, to begin with. Your food choices depend less on what the latest research says about nutrition and more about the emotions you literally bringing to the table.

emotional eating

The emotional content of a sandwich is just as, if not more, important than it’s nutritional content.

A cookie is just a cookie, but how does that cookie make you feel? How do you feel if you are at a party and there’s a tray of cookies? How do you feel if you eat a cookie? How do you feel if you don’t?

These sorts of questions are at the heart of what really makes your diet healthy or not. It’s not just about what’s on a food label or menu. It’s the thoughts and feelings you hold within.

A lot of my videos on healthy eating are different from the status quo because I’m not concerned with things like clean eating or avoiding certain foods at all costs. I’m much more interested in confronting the most toxic nutritional element in the world; fear. Many of the popular messages around “eating right” are not about health and wellbeing. They are about obedience and fear. Experts preach how you should fear certain foods while their dogmatic rules are your only chance at salvation. It sounds promising but basing your choices off of fear and anxiety is not the way to true health and prosperity.

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This is why I’m trying to break down the prison walls of fear other experts claim are there for your own protection. You don’t need to live by someone else’s black and white rules nor their straight and narrow paths. There’s a lot more flexibility within a healthy diet than many experts will admit. The problem is, acknowledging that you don’t have to always “eat right” according to their rules weakens their influence to sell you products and ideas you don’t need. What’s the point of writing a book or blogging about how to eat right when you don’t always have to follow those rules? Even more vexing is why claim that certain hard and fast rules are healthy when they can be stressful to follow?  A truly healthy diet is one that removes stress from your life instead of causing it. This goes for both physical and emotional health as well. Mentally stressing out about eating right for just the sake of the physical body is an imbalanced approach.

As I explain in the video below, making choices from a negative emotional place is not the way to a healthy diet. It doesn’t matter what the research says about the actual food or ingredients, none of that can get to the real heart of the issue. Making choices from a positive emotional foundation is far healthier and more effective even if it doesn’t conform to a dietary dogma.