muscle building success

The Source of Muscular Change

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A lot of experts will tell you that the key to building muscle and strength is in having the right routine, doing more reps or adding more weight. While these things are certainly important, they are not the root cause that is in charge of your muscle training.

Muscle building success

These influences are important, but they do not ultimately control your success.

Things like reps, and the equipment you use are influences towards the real cause of your muscle conditioning that I like to call your Neural Code. Simply put, your neural code is the specific instructions your brain sends through your nervous system. Everything about your training and conditioning depends upon this set of mental instructions. If you want to grow and progress, this code is the primary thing you should focus on.

Why should you focus on what you’re thinking while training?

The thoughts in your mind are what ultimately control the results of your training. This is important because if you bring the same mental code to different workouts or equipment, you won’t get much of a different result. It’s like a musician playing the same notes on different instruments. Even though the general sound may be different, you end up with the same product each time. However, if the same musician uses the same instrument, but uses it in a different way, they will either play a different song, or play the same song better.

Check out this video to learn more about why this code is the real source fo your muscle building success and what you can do to progress it.