The Sugar Drug Myth

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Sugar Cocaine Myth

This is proof of a good thing, not a bad thing.

“Sugar is just as addictive as cocaine.”

“Eating junk food is just like shooting up.”

Ideas like this are all over our dietary culture. Mostly they are based on this idea that eating sugar and processed foods stimulate the same area of the brain as addictive drugs like cocaine.

The myth isn’t that sugar stimulates that area of the brain, it does. The myth is that such stimulation is a bad thing. I look at the image above and think to myself “That’s great!”

Stimulating the reward centers of the brain is not a bad thing. It’s how and why you stimulate that area that can be the problem. ¬†There are loads of things in life that will stimulate your reward centers. Some may bring you down, other’s may bring you up. Neither is destined to be good or bad for you.

In this week’s podcast I discuss the role pleasure plays in your fitness success and how you can use it rather than letting it use you.