table of progressive calisthenics

The Table of Progressive Elements

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One of my goals in writing book 2 of the Red Delta Project (check out book 1 here) is to make progressive bodyweight training simpler and easier to understand.

Currently, there are many techniques and countless variations of each. It can seem next to impossible to understand how they all fit together, let alone how to apply them. This is why I created a handy table of progressive elements you can apply towards any form of bodyweight training.



Just as a recording artist will adjust switches in the studio, you can use these 9 elements to dial in the perfect exercise for your goals. Each of these elements represents a single variable you can apply to any exercise in order to progress or regress your training.

Here’s the basic rundown on what each element means:

table of progressive elements labels

Be sure to check out the RDP Youtube channel as I also did a video on each element and how you can use it to build muscle, burn fat and improve performance.

You can also download the PDF of the Table of Progressive Elements along with the reference guide here.