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The Trap of Over Qualifying Exercise

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Over qualifying exercise is one of the biggest reasons why you may be struggling to get the results you want and it’s easy to fall into this trap.

At first, you learn about the “best exercises” to reach your goals. Then a buddy tells you about the “optimal rep range for muscle growth.” Then the pro body builder in the magazine endorses “the best equipment” to use. Over time, you start believing¬†that your workout is only worth doing if you can do it a very specific way. If life doesn’t allow all of your influences to line up perfectly in each workout then it’s a waste of time.

Pull up

Building muscle doesn’t always come from doing pull ups the right way. It usually comes from doing them a better way.

The ironic thing is over qualification is done to optimize your training, but it ultimately holds you back. When you believe you can only workout in a very particular way, you turn your back to the changes you need to make in order to progress. You become so focused on doing things “the right way” that you fail to learn how to do them a better way. The result is you spend months, even years, with a supposedly optimal workout that doesn’t produce results.

While there are general guidelines to follow in training, the results you seek don’t come from optimizing every little detail according to the latest research. Instead, building muscle, improving performance, or burning fat comes from training that’s progressive, not perfect.

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