Why Body Weight Training Builds a Sexy Physique #1

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Nothing sculpts the chest and shoulders like dips!

Nothing sculpts the chest and shoulders like dips!


When I first got into body weight exercise, I was surprised by the attractive physiques that many body weight enthusiasts possessed.  They didn’t look like the big and bloated body builders nor did they look skinny with just a little muscle tone.

Their physiques had  that  hard muscular “athletic” look that is so revered within our fitness culture. Not too muscular but strong. Not too skinny but lean.  Most importantly all of the right curves in all of the right places.

It’s been 4 years since I dedicated myself to body weight training I have to say my physique has never looked better.

My cloths fit a lot better and I’ve received more compliments on my body in the past few years than I have in my entire fitness career.

To try and figure out why Taigoki and body weight exercise produces such an attractive physique I’ve compiled a few quick posts on some of the theories I have. I would love to hear your thoughts on my ideas.

Here’s the first theory:

 Taigoki builds muscle and fights fat.

The root cause of transforming the appearance of the body boils down to two simple factors.

– Fat


Most of the time, it’s about building muscle while keeping fat stores low.

By challenging your body’s ability to move through space you are requiring your body to be lean as wall as strong.

Gyms are filled with folks who rock the cardio section, but their strength levels are not challenged all that much. So they can get away with being light but not relatively strong especially when it comes to the upper body. I was like this all through college when I worshiped the elliptical but never did any strength training.

My body during my hardcore cardio days.

My body during my hardcore cardio days. Note the slender arms and legs.

It’s also not too uncommon to find folks lifting super heavy weights even though they may be carrying around an extra 30-40 pounds of fat. But that’s okay because you don’t have to be lean to use most weight machines or workout on a bench.

By definition Taigoki challenges your body through moving it through space. This means it’s almost impossible to get very far without developing both a lean and a strong physique.

So every rep, step and stride you take is literally flooding your entire body with dual signals to be both as lean as possible and as strong as required by the exercise.

In the next post I’ll explore why I believe Taigoki can help you build muscle in just the right places and the advantages it has over weight training.