Train Your Chain for More Functional Strength & Muscle

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Do you train muscles or movements? It’s super important to carefully consider because your training and thus your results can be dramatically influenced by your answer.

Both schools of thought have their pros and cons. Training muscles can build a much stronger mind-muscle connection but can be a very costly way to train since it often involves many exercises. Training for movements may be more functional and efficient, but it might not build the mind muscle connection you need to build your body to look the way you want. In Addition, both methods can produce muscle imbalances.

I’ve got yet a third style of training I’ve been working on for the past few months and I believe it’s the best of both worlds. It’s the aesthetic mind-muscle connection of training muscles, but it’s also the functional and efficient method of training movements. It also does wonders to prevent muscle imbalances and joint problems.

I even believe this third method can potentially produce even better results than the other two methods. So you get a body that’s looks better than training muscles, yet more functional than just training movements.

Listen to this week’s podcast and let me know what you think down below.