Training for Performance vs Training for Asthetics

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Some folks like to train for high performance. Other’s are training for aesthetics and to look good naked.

One objective is all about being able to change how you look and the other is all about being able to perform at your peak.

There is certainly a middle ground where you can train for both. After all cyclists usually have big and strong legs and if you’re training to break a weight lifting record then you might have some pretty impressive shoulders. However that’s not always the case.

In fact, training for show is in many ways the exact opposite as training for go. This is one of of the reasons why people struggle to reach their goals. They have a plan set up towards training for go, but they really just want to show off a hot physique. The opposite is true when someone is training to perform well on the field but their methods are more geared towards looking good in a bathing suit rather than reaching the podium.

In this week’s podcast I get to the hear of the issue. I lay out exactly what it means to train for show or train for  go so you will no longer waste any time headed in the wrong direction.